Full Stack Developer – Gaming – PHP – permanent position – Rotterdam – The Hague Metropolitan Area

Rotterdam, Netherlands
€ 3.000 - € 6.000 / year


Full Stack Developer – Permanent position

For several gaming companies, both mobile, web based, pc and console based, we are seeking for game developers that can create the “WOW”-experience. Currently working on anything but games? Not an issue! All coders eventually, on some point in their career, consider developing a (or several) games. So… Why not do that now?

We currently have some 10 clients that require different stacks, varying from Android SDK, Java and Xcode/Swift to Kotlin, C#.Net and HTML/CSS and JavaScript. There’s also a need for coders that are in to the newest technologies, so please include any exotic framework or Iran-based-hacker-designed Java-based-compiling-in-anything language that you think will be the next Big Thing.

Also, please include the package that will pique your interest. Since these positions are in The Netherlands (and more precise: most of them in the Rotterdam-The Hague area) you will probably not get any Google style 3 story slides, a Tesla S company car or a full time remote workspace (the Dutch are very much into having their lunch sandwiches as a group, you know…). For that matter, you’re also not required to do 7-day 94-hour workweeks… What you DO get is a good remuneration, barista coffee bars, good food and any hardware you deem necessary to do your job and with most companies the freedom to come in and take leave days whenever you think is best.

Enough lingering, time to take action! Do it any way you like, call, drop an email, hook up on Linkedin or send a full fletched application. You’ll hear from us within 3 days 48 hours ASAP 24 hours or on the time of your choosing. But please include that time in your message and please do not make it 3 am or some other smart ass moment.


Government of Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands